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The Sképsis site is the result of an international research program on scepticism, sponsored by CNPq (Brazil), entitled : “Neo-Pyrrhonism: epistemological and historical questions”. This project integrates brazilian and foreign researchers along two main axes. On the one hand, study, development and criticism of contemproary scepticism, in particular of neo-Pyrrhonism in its chief versions, will be . On the other hand, it will be examined the role of scepticism in the history of philosophy, from Pyrrho on.

This site has many purposes: it must shelter the journal Sképsis, foster the integration of scholars on scepticism, contribute to the emergence of young researchers, translate papers from portuguese into english, french or spanish (and vice-versa), inform concerning main events on scepticism, produce new material on scepticism in informal discussion on sceptical themes, register the history of those studies on scepticism.

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As it is sponsored with public money, this site is free access.